Any other BOFA filter owners here?

Hoping to find some other GF+BOFA filter owners. I’ve had my BOFA Base 1 filter since March - when I got it I was told to expect to change the combined (carbon + HEPA) filter cartridge about 2x/year and the prefilter once a year. Well less than 9 months later, I just put in the 4th combined filter ($370ish each). They’ve been lasting around 2 1/2 months, with this last one making it from Oct 1 > Thanksgiving. And that’s just running 2ish hours/night and 8-14hrs/day on the weekends. 90% of what I’m running is cast & mirrored acrylic, with some 1/4" MDF.

I’ve talked with BOFA’s support and they’re saying that in the pics I sent them of the combined & prefilter modules, they look more yellow than they should, which indicates a lot of fumes & particulates, causing the filters to block up prematurely. They’re saying to changing speed/power settings, or that the laser may be out of focus causing more fumes/particulates, with the only other option being to install their inline filter to catch all those particulates before they hit the combined filter.

So…any other BOFA users here? Are you seeing this same sort of media consumption?

Pretty sure acrylic and MDF are two of the dirtier items to cut. I’m sure that’s not helping.

That’s what they are made for. :wink:

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Hah! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I guess I figured if someone else is cutting mostly wood and you’re cutting mostly acrylic (as an example), you’re going to go through your filter at a faster rate.

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