Any owners reviews yet?


I’m still waiting for my printer…


Check the Made On a Glowforge section of this forum, some people with BETA testing units and pre-release units are posting projects they have made on their loaner Glowforge units.


the answer is no, there are no laser cutter reviews by owners because no owners have any. anyone with one, at least publicly, has one on loan from the company.


And the software is far from finished, so nobody can review it against its advertised features yet.


sure, though the second production machines ship, any reviews are fair game.


Yes but even then there will be missing functionality. Totally fair to point that out at delivery but with cloud updates any reviews will get outdated.


sure but you can say that about literally any device that gets software upates


I don’t have anything else that was delivered not able to do what it was advertised to do when I bought it though, except perhaps my Omate TrueSmart watch. That was another pre-order that was late, but not in the same league as GF, months, not years!


i was referring to your comment about reviews being outdated. it’s the biggest problem with the current trend of device reviews; almost nobody goes back to re-review things.


Software doesnt get re-reviewed usually because developers wait til milestone releases to add major functionality, and typically nobody tends to talk much at all about the incremental updates with bug fixes or small feature/function additions/improvements. ie: There will be hype over iOS 11… nobody will care about iOS 11.1, 11.2, etc. iOS 12 will “fix” the annoyances that iOS 11 had yet iOS 12 gets the credit, and nobody goes back to a review of iOS 11 to say “This was changed in the newer version of iOS”.

Having to keep re-reviewing minor software updates is some serious baggage, as quickly and frequently as the updates happen.


so it will be interesting to see how GF communicates about any major functionality change, that might impact reviews of the product, Since I expect many to only be updated after “glowforge 2.0” comes out. But like any review, as long as it has a date, the people browsing should get an idea of how old it is, and make informed questions as to what has changed since then


There’s been some partial reviews. Here’s a tl:dr…


I agree! The Glowforge is awesome. Seriously.

My review: Every day I find more cool things to do with the Glowforge. I spend little or no time distracted because it can’t do what I thought it was supposed to do. Granted. My needs are simple and I ordered a basic, so the whole pass through deal is not on my radar. Can understand some folks might be impatient with the wait.


Thought I had kicked this monkey from my back.
I was wrong.
Now I (and my neighbors) have to get to listen to the entire Lonely Island catalog again.


that’s not what i was talking about at all. devices ship these days and often receive major software and firmware updates that change functionality. smartphones, sure. but also controllers, stuff like your car’s a/v display, etc.


when my credit-card reader machine got a cloud-pushed update, it totally altered almost every aspect of operation. I did not get any warning.
After it was all done, and I suddenly had a full-color readout with button graphics instead of a green-on-green readout with list-type graphics, it spit out several feet of barely legible thermal receipt tickertape. That was my new owner’s manual, in what I would guess is size 6 font.

Eventually it showed up in a legible version online as well.


I will say some cloud updates can drive you crazy. When Makerbot pushed out their latest update, it totally changed the user interface and how you do everything. Not sure whether it is better or not – but I am definitely having to learn how to make it do everything that was second nature before…


I went to open a pdf earlier this week. Reader DC whatever opens and displays a message you need to restart for the update we just applied to take affect. It was only two sentences. Being Windows 10 and just being Reader, I assumed it meant we have to restart Reader. Nope - it meant restarting Windows 10. I had open, unsaved documents in programs without autosave. No opportunity to save them or cancel the restart. WTF kind of update needs a Windows restart for READER!!!


You can stop Windows from automatically restarting after an update by disabling the update reboot parameter in the orchestration scheduler. I’ve got all my Win 10 machines setup that way. I decide when they reboot.


If I may… DC sucks. Switch back to the non-DC version. Adobe marches to the beat of their own drum. They’ve made and/or acquired/developed some stunningly amazing software, but they just do some things… weird.

Also, as @jamesdhatch said, you can make it so Win10 never restarts on its own.