Any resources out there for making kids' toys?

Inspiration? Guides? Tutorials? Health/safety tips? I have a toddler and another on the way, and my wife would like to make more educational toys and things that help little ones develop fine motor skills. Would love suggestions!


I remember someone gave our year and a half old a wooden car. He threw it within 5 minutes of having it. It could have caused some damage if it had hit someone or something. It was a 2x4 that had been cut into a car shape, so it was pretty heavy. At least laser cut ones won’t be as heavy!

There are a lot of links to resources on Pinterest.

I’m not trying promote my board, but I created a special board for laser cut toys, games and puzzles.

Some on this board aren’t necessarily educational. Some pins are links to plans/templates and some are merely for inspiration.


Check out the Melissa and Doug line. I believe a portion of that line could be laser cut. Fridge number/letter/shape magnets, foam number/letter/shapes for bath tub. Someone makes a larger foam type interlocking mat - 8 square mats that have interlocking joints, each mat has a different colored shape insert. Could cut flash cards with shapes, numbers, letters cut out of them, or engraved wood flash cards.

I wonder if it’s safe to cut the magnetic sheets? That’s not something I’ve seen commented on yet. I’d imagine there’s more than one formulation used…

OK, a quick search confirmed it’s done all the time… Just a couple of the multiple links to be found is a great resource. they have 3d print plans as well as laser cut plans.
Search “laser cut” there are probably hundreds of plans out there!


I would cut the parts, surface treat them (if wood), and wash them. Then leave the parts laying somewhere well ventilated for a while.

The smell of the cut lingers for quite a while. And a smell means loose particles. Babies put everything in their mouths. So as long as you can smell the thing, the baby can ingest some portion of it.

Something else we tried recently was magnetic paint - we recently refinished an old wood play kitchen and made the fridge magnetic, then painted over it in a washable white paint. Now you can stick magnets on it just like the big fridge.

Not sure if the Woodworker’s Journal Toys and Games CD will fit your needs as it is primarily aimed at more traditional wood workers that folks who use newer laser etchers/engravers and CNC equipment. It contains 25 projects that you might find interesting and might be able to adapt to your needs. The CD can be purchased from Woodworker’s Journal,, will run articles on toys in there electronic magazine. Their back issues are on line for review if you are interested.

1 Like is a site for inspiration on wooden vehicles. It’s not aimed at laser cutting, but still may be interesting. instructables has lots of laser cut examples, and other that aren’t but could be, such as this AT-AT if you are a Star Wars fan: