Any Shipping Address?

When requested, can we provide any shipping address? Or will it have to be the billing address or an otherwise “validated” address?


  • Tom

I understand that they will ask you where you want to be sent when it is ready to be shipped,
But What I’m curious about is if you change the country to where they are going to send it, there will be some return of the shipment cost in case the cost is lower?


I seem to remember reading that this is so - if there’s a considerable shipping overage, it will be refunded. I could be imagining this, so don’t quote me on it - but I do think this topic has been addressed before (would search for it, but I don’t have time ATM).


I also remembered this has been addressed before but I could find it :sweat_smile:

Found it! :smiley: @thomas.alessi.jr here is the answer for you and my question :slight_smile: Thanks @Drea


Thanks, but that doesn’t answer my question. My question is:

If I decide to ship my unit to my good-for-nothin’ brother who is always home to sign for shipments because he can’t hold a job, can I do that without having to clear the address in some way? Or must it be my billing address or a somehow “approved” or “validated” address with the credit card company?

  • Tom

What I understand is that they will ship wherever you want, you only have to put this address when you get the shipping mail. But maybe @dan can confirm this.

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I don’t think anyone on the forum other than Dan will be able to answer your question to your satisfaction, but for what it’s worth, I’m taking Dan’s repeated statements about “confirming your shipping location” at face value.

If they planned to limit this to the billing address, they would have said so up front. The fact that they separated the two concepts tells me that you have nothing to worry about (other than your brother, apparently :wink:).

My personal assumption is that from day one of sales, they knew that a non-zero number of buyers would need to change their anticipated shipping address. If someone provided an address that the shipping company couldn’t identify, they would certainly get back in touch to verify and/or get more info.


If it’s anything like the pre-release units, Rita sends you an email and asks for your address. You send it to her.

That’s about it. Your bill has already been charged, you can tell them where to ship it. (Barring international complications of course.)


I believe any address within the same country is fine.


I believe the ops team is working on a shipping rebalancer that can either charge or refund you if you’ve moved.