Any suggestions for a material to use for an airplane checklist

What material could I use to make a checklist for an airplane? Needs to be flexible, not scratchable, durable and easy to read with lots of text. Most little airplanes, especially rentals, have these awful laminated paper sheets on a single ring that last about a week before coming apart. Looking for something I could use that’s about 4.25 by 5.5 or bigger (just smaller than letter size) to make a checklist. Would love suggestions.

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How flexible? Two colour acrylic comes pretty thin…


As much as I love my :glowforge: if I was needing a check list right now (and I often do) I’d grab some cardstock and print what I wanted in the size I wanted and then break out the sheet laminator and grab my heavy duty laminating pockets.
Then I’d punch 3-4 holes in each sheet and make a cover out of acrylic (glowforge finaly involved).

Edit: the pockets come as 8.5 X 11 but you can make your cards any size smaller than that.


Those are tough requirements, especially when you add laser-safe…

There is one material that (mostly) meets your requirements - leather. Obviously a weird choice for the cockpit, but would definitely be one-of-a-kind!

Good luck!


In this case I’d just add a grommet to the punched hole in the printed/laminated sheet.


Here’s a thought: engrave your checklist on whiteboard material (comes in card stock weights as well as thicker materials), then wipe with whiteboard markers if you need to make the engraving darker. Then I’d treat the whole surface with a sturdy acrylic lacquer or finish. Or you could laminate it.


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