Any tips on shipping?

You know I had to reach out to the smartes people I know!!! I have alot of questions! Iknow, I know! But you guys are the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to all this stuff!

I am looking into shipping out a couple of things. How do I find the way that is most cost effective. Spread sheet of everyone’s prices? or do you guys automatically know the way to go when it comes to this. I dont have alot of time, I am new at all of this, and I have kiddos. So its not like I will be the next Amazon! But I dont want to go broke over shipping. Is it worth it to mess with it? SHould I go by strictly near me at first until I pick up business once I have more free time to myself. Which will be soon! Or should I throw on my cape and nose dive in? HAHAHA I am pretty good at doing that, by the way! But this isnt something I want to nose dive into!

How large, heavy and fragile are the things you are shipping?

Most of the online sales platforms have something built in to handle shipping.

Mostly, I use PayPal’s Multi-Order Shipping functionality to access USPS parcel rates and print labels (USPS Click-and-Ship has had those “temporarily” disabled for a few years, only allowing Priority Mail).

There are also some dedicated shipping services now (like ) that might work for you.


THANKYOU!!! I will check them out. Not too fragile! I am lucky that My hubby owns a couple of business that drop ships, sells parts, and orders parts- So packaging and protection on my items are perfect for all of his scraps. Thankyou guys for all of your help!

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