Any update on gpl licensed firmware?

As many were besieged by a charter outage this morning, ,

I was just wondering if there was any update on getting this to work without the internet.
I had 4 hours to kill before everyone woke up but was foiled.


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It was released a couple of years ago now…they put it on Github for people to play with.


Have watched this for several years. My opinion only… Almost no chance of getting the GF to work without their cloud based services. The person/group that was working toward a solution shut down the effort 2 days ago. He was no longer interested and there was no one else interested or capable in the effort required. Even if someone was successful it would be a far cry from the capabilities of the existing unit.

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They met their legal obligation by posting what they did, but it’s next to useless and there is virtually no chance of getting a machine operating without the cloud service, especially as most machines have no means of creating a physical connection (all unnecessary parts like the USB connector were dropped early on.)

If Scott couldn’t do it in all these years, nobody else will.


Ultimately it’s still a laser tube, mirrors, gantry and control board. Absolutely worst case scenario, it gets gutted and fitted with a new tube and control board and gets used like any other XYZ cnc machine.


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