Any updates on where to order masking tape in Switzerland? Also cast acrylic sheets?

Saw lots of threads regarding masking tape. however or no delivery to switzerland or expensive delivery. can you please tell which brand do you use and from where.
Also would like to order laser compatible cast acrylic sheets, prefarably coloured ones…

thanks in advance

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Not sure if this is available in your area, however, this is what I use from Amazon.

You may have to set up an account to see the prices, but Trotec should be able to supply acrylic:

unfortunately no…
thanks anyway:)

one should own a business in order to buy there …

I am sorry if that is the policy. In the US, they just want you to set up an account and they didn’t ask why I was buying the products.

Yes unfortunately!

Tks anyway!

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Suggest you ask a local sign shop that makes vinyl graphics. They would call it “transfer tape” and might have a source for the acrylic as well. :slight_smile:


You should look for rolls of transfer paper for vinyl businesses. You can always order from aliexpress. If you want something within the EU I get mine from

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Try. Galaxy Plastic Industries Inc They have about 125 colors to pick from and they ship world wide. I have been using there acrylic for some time. I have over 35 different colors that cut good.

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Just make sure it is paper transfer tape and ok for use with a laser. Some have PVC in them and will ruin your laser printer.