Any Vids of the Pro and pass through in action?

Ive purchased the standard model with the filter option and just received the email suggesting I upgrade to the Pro.
It occured to me that I haven’t even seen a video yet of a pro and I only have 24 hours left to make the decision before the price goes up. Is there anything you can upload or send a link to so I can make an informed decision?
With customs and our crappy dollar here in Australia its over $2200au for the upgrade and Im not convinced it will be worth it but would love to be proven wrong before Friday night!

Yeah the price of shipping is what stopped us from getting the Pro. Australia tax mate!

Upgraded to the Pro+Filter just on @dan’s description. I am super excited to get our GF and improve on work already being done around our shop.

We’re focused on basic functionality (since it’s required for pro too) so don’t expect it any time soon.

Note that you can upgrade to “pro, but no air filter” now (thanks for the suggestion all, you’re all the reason that happened!)

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