Any way to save a layout?


Once I’ve uploaded various artwork, arranged it, and specified cutting/etching parameters, is there a way to save that? It appears to be in-browser only, because the next time I load up the file it all seems to reset.


No, not yet.


You’re discovery is correct. Saving settings, projects, layouts, etc. is “in the hopper” and is not yet a feature of the software.

The workaround for the moment is to do as much as possible in the external design software on a 12"x20" art board or page size.


Glowforge responds better when specific use-cases are given. Why do you want to be able to save?


Ignore @Hirudin. He’s being trollish. Glowforge is well aware of why we want to save layouts.


Perhaps they’ll listen to their customers if more customers spell out the reasons they want their laser cutter to have basic functionality.


They know.


I’m glad to hear it. But knowing is only half the battle.


Accepting that they’re not going to do it on our time schedules is the other. :wink:


Or perhaps even in our lifetimes as their software development seems glacially slow.


I think Glowforge accepted that years ago.


Perhaps. No way of knowing. But continuing to belabor the point is not accomplishing anything. I believe they will get to it when they can.


You can’t do that yet. The closest you can get is to pre-arrange your artwork and save it in such a way that it loads where you want it (in Illustrator, this is accomplished with the “Use Artboards” option in the SVG export. It still won’t save your parameters, but you might at least be able to avoid having to reposition everything.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll make sure the team gets it!