Any way to tighten belts?

The belt on the right side of my GF is extremely lose. How do I tighten it?

Just curious how you came to that conclusion. Is there some issue you’re having?

It’s flaccid. Easy to see

I mean how do you know it’s a problem? Are you experiencing something? Have you compared to other Glowforges? Can you share a pic?

I’m not doubting you… Just trying to understand… Is it a tension issue? Has the belt come off?

The belt should be tight, judging from the two units I have had exposure to.

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Looking at the rails, the belt wheel is mounted on a plate behind the rail. The rail itself is slotted (you can see the wheel plate through the slot).
That suggests the slot is there to allow fore and aft movement for belt adjustment/replacement. There is likely a specified tension, or deflection in the belt.
There are mounting holes just forward of the slot, and there are marks around them (on both sides) indicating something has been mounted there, probably a screw tensioning device.
My pure speculation.

You are under warranty, so I wouldn’t mess with it until support gets back to you, but yes, there appears to be a means of tightening the belt.


might save time with support if you can send them a picture of the belt and ends

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I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with your Glowforge.

As @ihermit2 said, if you could share a picture of what you’re seeing it would be very helpful.

No worries I figured it out.

I’m glad to hear you’ve got it taken care of. I’m going to go ahead and close this thread, if you have any other questions or need help on anything else, don’t hesitate to start a new thread.

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