Anybody else annealing their acrylic ear savers?

I’ve been annealing mine in a 185F oven for a couple hours in hopes that would help reduce the possibility of breakage. Is anyone else doing that? Am I wasting my time and it’s not really doing much?

I have not but I’m sure this step will reduce braking from your batches.


It would be easy to test one against another that was not annealed. Nobody has ever mentioned trying that.

This is right up my ally… (I love testing!)


Yeah, do that and report back! I have no materials science testing experience.

I have a test sample in the oven right now. 180º for three hours (1hr/mm…) :grin:


What you should do is have several in there and take one out each hour, to see if less than 3 hrs would work.

I’m out of acrylic, using scraps, but multiple sources say 1hr/mm, so…

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Well, my un-scientific results are in.

After three hours at 180º F and at least as long cooling down, I pulled the sample and took it along with the identical piece back to the workshop. Along the way (the length of my kitchen) just casually “feeling” them for flex, the annealed piece snapped like a dry twig before I even made it back to the shop.


Well dangit. At least I don’t need to waste my time doing it. Thanks for doing the experiment!



I’ve thought about annealing very fine pieces (like the Shri yantra I posted the other day) - I definitely won’t after this.

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