Anybody got delrin they wanna sell me 😎

Looking for maybe a 12x12 at 1/4" sheet or more or whatever you’ve got that you would like to get rid of. I’ve looked locally and online, and the shipping is absurd (cost of paradise, I suppose). Color isn’t important, I just want to try some before spending a ton of money.


Delrin is always crazy expensive. You haven’t stated a thickness, but if you haven’t already looked, I recommend McMaster-Carr online.


Checked, it’s not the price of material, it’s the $45+ in shipping that I’m upset about, and good point on the thickness! I found another supplier boedecker that seems more affordable, but again, it’s the shipping that nails me.


The next time you come to the mainland, fill an extra suitcase with it and pay $30 for the extra luggage (or get someone you know that is traveling from here to there) .


I just got back a week ago with some leather, delrin wasn’t even on my mind, but we do have some friends that are coming in a few days, this suggestion is perfect timing! The combined brain power of this forum is incredible.


When we lived in Japan we took a couple of vacations to Honolulu. Since we were at an APO, we stocked up on paperback books, (when there were book stores) canned cat food, clumping cat litter (it was relatively new back in the late 80’s). And take an empty duffle bag for other stuff. Still cheaper than the PX.


We brought an “extra” checked bag that was full of presents for all of our family and friends, unfortunately, I hadn’t anticipated it becoming nearly full with all of the presents that they got for us (mostly our 2 year old :sweat_smile:) If I’d had one more day there I would have bought another bag and filled it with junk, but I was also trying to be money conscious. The whole trip added up really quick! I mean, I had already spent a couple hundred in the leather store, luckily our kid was distracting my wife while we rung up everything haha


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