Anybody in Portland have a GF Pro?

Is there anybody in the Portland area that has a GF Pro? We have a project where we need the passthrough door and sadly don’t have a pro unit. Would be happy to pay to run a 15 minute job :wink:

Now wishing I would have ordered the PRO…

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There are ways to run a job with the front hatch open…

do you know how, would love to know :slight_smile:

I would also like to know…

That answer can be found by searching the forum. Dan actually noted it once. However, rather than resurrect a non-sanctioned use of the machine, a PM might be a better way to get the Intel. Several of us used the work around back in the PRU days.

Someone also uploaded a shield for use when doing it. I expect that’s probably in the Everything Else category.

Also, depending on the design, remember you can squeak out some extra length sometimes by rotating your design to go on the diagonal. The diagonal is 22" long so depending on how tall your piece is you can sometimes cheat the 19.5" restriction some.

Do you mean Portland, OR or Portland, Maine? :wink:
(I’m guessing you mean OR, just because I’m up here in the NW, but folks on the other side of country may first think of Maine… so would help to add the state unless it’s city name that only occurs in 1 state). Either way, my answer is no.

@hansena might be able to hook you up, if he’s around.

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Many thanks, I think I found a solution to my problems :slight_smile:



I do have 2 pro’s, and I live in Portland, OR if you need anything. hit me up on PM.


thanks for the reply!! And sorry for the delay getting back, I dont visit the form a lot. I am able to get up and going again but if I ever need a pass though I may have to give you a shout :slight_smile:

What do you use our GF for? We just ordered one for our office (Autodesk) but the one I use is my personal one at home.

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Hey Garin, anytime! I have a pro at work in the prototyping shop and a basic in the makerspace. I have another pro at home for my side business and fun. At both places I use Fusion 360 for all my complex shapes and unique parts. trying to get my work to fully convert over to Fusion from solidworks and mastercam.

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