Anybody looking to buy a GF? (Tampa FL area)

Not sure if this is the place to post this, probably everyone on these forums has one lol.
Looking to sell my GF Plus. This machine was only used for a few months, I have a BOSS laser now.
Could use the money to invest in something.
PM me if interested and price you are considering

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Lots of folks sell their machines here - add a slightly more specific area to your title, and if you have a price range that too.
In the description describe your machine. Is it still under warranty? Do you have all the shipping material? Do you have laserable materials that you’re selling with it? Are you willing to ship or would this be pick-up only?

Folks will let you know by responding or sending private messages to you - and you’ll find a buyer :slight_smile:


Tampa FL. Id be willing to ship I guess, if they want to pay shipping (still have the box and all that)

I don’t know a price range hopefully users here can tell me the average resell price for the Plus

anybody can ask me questions, if they need supplies with it, we can talk about that too :slight_smile:

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Live in Brooksville. What are you asking for your plus?

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