Anybody want to help me with a project?

Yep, don’t know if we have a Sketchup expert…added! Thanks!:relaxed:

I think I’m going to tag @dan as well, to see if he has someone he wants to oversee this? (Or yourself if you want to check in once in a while…make sure we’re not setting fire to anything…) :innocent:

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Fire…hmm our first scoutmaster did remind us of “Tim the tool man Taylor” and was on a first name basis with every emergency room around. (From his willingness to do ANYTHING, and a total lack of self preservation skills. Ha) So no ma’am…we ain’t scared of no fires! Ha


ROFL! My bad…I was actually inviting @dan to pop in once in a while there, but my grammar totally sucked. I’m not going to add him though if he’s too busy, it’s going to be an active thread…

On the other hand, if you’re not afraid of fires…that’s a good thing and we can use it for sure! :smile:

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I look at most stuff so I’ll likely look at that too. :wink:


I’ll add you to the thread…just wasn’t sure if you wanted to get in on the nitty gritty, which might be kind of hopping for a bit. :slight_smile:


I absolutely would like to help. Thank you for starting this thread. If I could be so bold as to ask for a certain topic to be covered… I would like to address scaling. I come from an engineering design background and typically deal with AutoCAD DWGs. They are drawn on a 1:1 scale and output that drawing directly to a plasma cutter that cuts to the dimensions drawn. We use a lot of slots and tabs our designs to help aid in fit up, so I will probably be using those when desiging parts for the GF.

I have watched a number of videos on placing parts on the GF table and immediately scaling to fit the area available. What was the original size and now the new one?

A thread early last year by @jkopel on tool storage was great and showed the GF’s ability to cut plywood to fit three different dial indicators. If we can walk through that process that would be awesome. Thank you again for putting this together.


Added! Thanks! :relaxed:

I would be happy to look. most of my work in recent years has been 3d modeling, but i am a fairly quick study.

Oh, we can use you for phase 2! Thanks!:smiley:

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Let me know if you get to a point where you need a complete beginner to read it. If so, I’m in! As for now, I don’t have any 2D design experience. Can’t wait to read the tutorial!

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Yep, now would be good! :smiley:

I do a lot of logo work etc in Illustrator. I also write designer tutorials for our team now and then at work.

I think once someone understands the pen tool and how the handles work, they can do about anything.
Happy to help if you still need it.

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Being a cheapskate, I still use CorelDraw 8 suite, rather than the latest ‘bells and whistles’ software, but I have used from way back when(started with ver 4).
So I was wondering if I might represent the old ways of doing things, to see if current explanations were backward compatible ?
Hope that makes sense,

You can add me if you’d like.

I’d be interested as well - lots of vector expierience with the silhouette designer work ( and PE Design embroidery software). but still consider myelf a beginner wanting to learn more…

Happy to help, of course. :grinning:

Okay, all folks who have joined since I went to bed last night have been added to the thread…look for a new Private Message entitled Design Basics Instruction Team.

I’m going to give you today to catch up on the thread while I try to figure out how to organize this thing…I’m having a little trouble figuring out how to sort you all…Discourse doesn’t allow tables to be set up…it’s a chat forum.

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If you are still looking for help, sign me up! In a former life, I taught high school English, and I’m now a software engineer. I write a lot of documentation, some intended for other developers and some for end-users, so I’ll be a good proof-reader.

Count me in. I have basic knowledge on PS, AI and Sketchup, and trying to understand Fusion 360 :relaxed:

As others have been saying, if you’re still looking for extra people I would love to help!! Though I have a pretty good grasp of 2D designing, similar to @rand I would say I do a bit more 3D modeling, so if the tutorials ever grow into 3D modeling basics I’ll be there!