Anyone canceling their air filter order?

Hi All,

GF does not currently allow owners to purchase the air filter separately.
I’ve had my machine for awhile and love it! My neighbors, however, not so much. I’ve received multiple complaints about the smell which makes any cut extremely anxiety provoking.

I realize I could go for a DIY air filter, and have read many of the posts on the topic, but honestly that seems kind of risky for me and I am extremely limited in space.

I know Air filter deliveries are 6+ months out. Has anyone considered canceling their order? Would you be willing to hold your place in line and let me buy it from you?

OR - has anyone purchased/had success with a third party air filter?

If so - message me.

One thing I’ve often wondered is whether you could use a DIY filter before the outside exhaust, which would alleviate the neighbor problem (might not be safe to vent into your house, but would likely reduce annoyance to bystanders). Just a thought. As long as the DIY had it’s own exhaust fan so that it wouldn’t reduce exhaust from the GF itself.

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Have you tried to order the air filter by contacting Support? I know the web site does not list it separately but would be surprised if Glowforge didn’t still allow it if you are an owner or have a unit on order. They used to allow it. Back in Feb of 2016 Dan specifically responded to that question and said the filter could be added later.

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Currently the first air filters should be arriving Octoberish (if you believe in miracles.) I wouldn’t be surprised if at that time quite a few people try it out for a little while and then decide they are fine with their venting solution and try to sell it. You may be able to pick up a gently used one then.

Your idea of getting one from someone who already knows they don’t want it is best, but if that doesn’t work out I think this would be a good plan B. Faster than ordering one separately and being placed at the back of the line.


I just cancelled my filter today. I have no problems with the exhaust hose method, and frankly that thing may not be shipped for years.


Yes, unfortunately. They didn’t give an exact reason, maybe because they’re already backed up, but they are not allowing orders for just the air filter.

Yes, I’ve canceled my air filter order. Last year, I was considering canceling my air filer order, but others on the forum talked my into not doing so as their advice was even if I didn’t need it I could sell it. Based on the number of people using their Glowforge without an air filter (venting outside), I just don’t think the resale market is going to be that big. I’ve used my unit in two different homes both with different venting methods and had no problems. One was vented out a window with a simple custom made insert and a 4" bast gate. My current installation is using an exhaust vent built into the house from the basement.