Anyone do a teardown or have an exploded view or wiring details?

I’d say you’ll have a decent chance of tripping a machine fault if you deactivate the internal fan.

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Great to know. In previous posts I found of yours it always seemed you were running it at fewer CFM.

I have it on a 0-10v speed control so depends on what I am cutting


Ha, Well played Aeva.

Just as a general thought on the subject of this topic, I don’t think that after a 2 year wait anyone is going to be pulling apart a Glowforge any time soon. We’ll all just be happy to finally have it, lasering away. :blush:


Only thing I’ve noticed is that the internal exhaust fan doesn’t spin up right away when it starts cutting. There’s a delay of around 5 seconds sometimes. I think the suction from the external fan may be confusing a rotation or flow sensor.

There are no visible downsides to this, though: the smoke continues to exhaust just fine, and after a few seconds the fan does come on and everything is normal.

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