Anyone else get headaches while printing?

I never ever get headaches but since I got the Glowforge a couple days ago and I started using it Ive been getting this awful headaches when I use it. Ive only used it to cut wood and plywood no other materials so I dont think its a matter of whether or not the fan is properly working. I think its the noise it makes. I bought an external fan and it does make a world of difference with noise but I still get headaches. anyone else experiencing this ?

I did for a couple of days when I first got the machine…turns out my venting wasn’t properly sealed and it was letting tiny bits of smoke in, and I’m sensitive to maple. (Nothing else, but the maple was giving me headaches.)

After sealing the smoke path (aluminum tape on the hose at the machine and caulk for the connector at the window) I never had another issue.

For noise, a set of noise cancelling headphones is great.


I think I need to work on that sealing then. thanks for replying


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