Anyone else have problems with stuff disappearing?

I’m finding myself purposely buying wood items so that I can label them lol. I’m hoping to deter the other half from borrowing from my craft room. I tried buying tools with feminine colors and even floral ones. That didn’t work. This probably won’t either but at least it looks cool lol. It’s off a bit due to the camera but still looks cool.


Hahaha! Good luck with that! I finally ended up buying duplicates of oft-borrowed items for the other half. They make good gifts when you are hard up for ideas. :wink:

LOL I know, right? The funny thing is, he has his own tools. In fact, he has more tools than I have. Problem is, he doesn’t put them back where they belong, hence he goes looking for mine because they’re easy access. SMH LOL


Oh and by the way, the whisk is perfect for sweeping out the GF when there’s crumbs. I do a lot of engraving on non-proofgrade material so a lot of times I take the tray out because the material is too thick. After a while, dust does start to accumulate slightly.

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I engrave them with variations of “Stolen from…” - maybe it’s a little passive aggressive but :wink:


I love it! LOL

My dad did that too. I have inherited things that now say “stolen from HB Pratt” on them. Kind of nice since he’s gone over 10 years now. Makes me smile.