Anyone else receiving error message on dashboard?

So I saw a thread on here back in march where multiple GF users were experiencing the same error message on their dashboard through the GF app page. I have checked my wifi, refreshed, restarted, turned off my machine etc trying to troubleshoot and haven’t found a solution. I am able to connect to other internet pages so it seems my wifi is good. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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What error message are you receiving?

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Not having any trouble here. Have you tried a different file or a different browser?

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I can’t get past this message to try to load anything, I will try a different browser! thank you!!!

I saw that yesterday once I think. I just refreshed the page and it was fine.

You can try clearing your browser cache. That might help.


I had tried refreshing, even tried using a different browser as per another users suggestion. Ended up updating my Mac as well as clearing my cache. The combination of the two seemed to take care of the problem! Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions!!!

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