Anyone else sick and tired of Glowforge sucking?

I am sick and tired of the amount of errors that come up with Glowforge and their systems. I spent far too much money on this product for it to be consistently breaking down and erroring for no reason. we take great care of our machine yet it continues to waste expensive material on a regular basis. The Glowforge support team has offered no resolution or any help with the matte, just a bunch of unanswered emails and problems. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY PURCHASING A GLOWFORGE! FIND A CHEAPER LASER ELSEWHERE! ps also have been on hold for over 30mins!


Most of the people reading your post have already purchased the Glowforge. Many of us have not faced the frustration that you express. If you are actually seeking assistance, please state what problem you are having.


I have a very simple solution that worked for me after using a clip path sent to my Glowforge. Just save the entire project as a PNG. I hope this works for you as well.

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The Glowforge interface has never processed clip paths. There are some pretty easy ways to work around that.


I solved the problem. I sent my svg file from Inkscape to GIMP, then exported it as a PNG. IT WORKED!!!


Here are some additional posts that may be helpful: Search results for 'clipping path' - Glowforge Owners Forum


I’m sorry you’re experiencing some problem with your machine that’s frustrating you, but (1) posting here sends a support ticket to the people you’re complaining about, (2) this is an owner’s forum, the rest of us that can read your ticket have already bought a Glowforge, and (3) you’re not gonna have any less trouble with anything cheaper than a Glowforge IME. Glowforge is already the low end of the laser cutting market – professional small-volume lasers start in five figures and then go up to 7-8 figures for industrial work. I’ve had my Glowforge for 3 years and it doesn’t suck, doesn’t have errors and doesn’t waste material for me :man_shrugging:


Sorry you’re so frustrated!

Posting a topic in Problems & Support opens a ticket, too, so it may help to specify the current issues–and you may get help from others on the forum, too, since at this point, it’s highly unlikely you’re experiencing an issue that no one else has dealt with…

And today is Veteran’s Day holiday–so likely smaller support crew than usual. But I do empathize that it seems problems only happen on a holiday or when you have an urgent job to run!


Nope, but I am slightly irritated every time that I see someone complaining about how much money they spent, and using that as a measure for things that they don’t understand, followed shortly by an all caps advisory to buy something cheaper instead. :slight_smile:


Hey kylemarch

I just sent you an email a few moments ago to discuss this further. I am deeply sorry you’ve had a frustrating journey with us.

I will be closing out this thread in the meantime so we may discuss our next steps together.

Thank you,

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