Anyone else stuck centering or focusing?

I don’t know why this is happening but my machine turns on, sounds normal, and then no arm movement an it is stuck in centering and focusing. Then it says camera didn’t take a pic. I cleaned the lenses, checked at connection clips, there is nothing wrong. So why is this happening? my friend in Tennessee is having the same problem. please help:(

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I did all of these things nothing is helping I was on hold with the chat for 20 minutes and I had to leave to go get my kids there’s still nothing happening I cleaned all the lenses I checked all of the clips I did everything you told me to do.

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Was there anything on the crumb tray when you turned it on? Sometimes it can confuse the camera if there is any material in there.

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thanks for your response:) I mean its darker bc its dirty but nothing major on it. it says didn’t take picture. and then to turn off and clean lens nd close lid again and retry but I did that like 7x.

Oh that’s not the problem then. I was referring to any material left on the crumb tray from previous jobs.

oh yeah none of that. but thanks