Anyone else stuck?

I am stuck centering or offline… anyone else having server issues?

now it’s gone back to the usual lid camera isn’t taking pic. I have the cable coming. It works one day and cant take pic the next… It works when it wants to. yesterday it was working amazingly and now this. the lid cable is not broken, there are not cracks or snags. all connections are fine. I just cancelled my second machine. and that breaks my heart bc I love my forge. I wanted 2 so I could get more work done. Now I cant get any work done.

The breaks in the cable are near invisible to see. That the problem is intermittent, indicates it could just be a crack at the moment, sometimes touching, sometimes not. The crack eventually ceases to connect and the problem is no longer intermittent.

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Thank you that’s actually really helpful bc all the ppl I spoke to said it was a visible crack in the hump in the back where it rubs on the metal and I literally used a magnifying glass and saw nothing. So maybe it’ll be fixed when I get the cable. Fingers crossed​:heart::crossed_fingers::heart: thank you

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It becomes very relevant when you replace the cable. The adhesive bonds instantly and is very hard to remove and so is very tricky to have it be correct from the first as to reposition it after it is easy to crack the new cable, and meanwhile make sure the connections are also correct.

I had to replace a black cable and as it was two connections were not connected correctly. As of several paths two go to the sensors that the lid is closed a bad connection will make that the most obvious error. The lights are another path. At first when I replaced the cable nothing worked, so I found that the main connection was not closed properly even though it looked like it was, and redoing it got half the things working. so I did the same on the other half and was actually astonished that I had not cracked a wire in the new cable while installing it.

I have seen complaints that I would guess the person did crack a wire and the problem either shifted or continued so they felt that replacing the cable was not the correct solution and I can easily imagine jumping to that conclusion.


I’m mildly afraid to replace this cable. I got her up and running for a while tonight. I hate the idea of replacing parts, I’m so not technical. I will enlist the help of my computer savvy husband and hope for the best. Thank you :heart:

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have you done a continuity check to conclude that it is not broken?

I’m with @rbtdanforth about this, too. I had a heck of a time getting the cable ends into the clips so that they connected. I really didn’t have much choice other than having my Glowforge not work anymore, so I gritted my teeth and just dove into the process and finally got it working. The process is straightforward but just takes some very precise handing of getting things lined up. You can do it!


I’m glad that our team has a replacement cable on the way to you! Has it already arrived? If so, how did installation go?

Please let us know if you have any questions for our team during installation and we’ll be happy to help!

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