Anyone else tempted to downgrade?


@dan fixed the bar at the top and I can now see were on day 9 for basic and day 1 for pro. I am tempted to downgrade to a basic so I can get my glowforge faster. It’s my understanding (and I could be very wrong) that most of the stuff that makes the GF pro, isn’t implemented. I want it now… :smile:

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Everyone’s needs/wants are different. I’m still looking forward to getting the promised Pro software features but the extra power and advanced cooling are also important to me so I would regret trading those in for faster delivery.


I was tempted to Upgrade to a Pro for the cooling option, but it seems the cooling effect is only minimally better so i will probably stick with a Basic


Grr… Logic… I want it now… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hang in there. You are so close to getting your Pro…


lots of (non-proofgrade) materials come in the 18"x24" size. That stuff doesn’t fit into a Basic, but you can slide it into the Pro.
The stronger laser, additional cooling, and extended warranty are some of the other things that you would miss out on, which are currently implemented.

…but you can buy a lot of material for the $ difference between a Basic and a Pro…


I downgraded. I partially did it to get my Glowforge sooner. They seem to have passed me over though.


Looking at the spreadsheet, you’re listed as day 2. You may only be 2-3 weeks out from your own The Email, at this point. You’re not saying cost is the issue, and if it were, I think that would have been the tipping point a long time ago. But are you going to have FOMO when people are doing cool stuff with the passthrough? You may get it a few weeks earlier (or not…), but sooner or later those features are coming. (I mean, if you believed enough in :glowforge: to stick it out this long, that’s not much more of a stretch.)


If you ordered before day 9 in the US you should contact support if you haven’t received your email yet. Perhaps they skipped over you before you downgraded.

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I was amung the day 1 orders, or that’s what I was told. I’m debating whether to contact support to ask them to ship my unit or to ask for a refund. Since I can’t decide I’ll just keep waiting.


If you’re in the US, you should email and ask. Couldn’t hurt :slight_smile:

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