Anyone end up “missing referrals”

Taking a survey on who here has directly given out their referral code… watched that person order with that referral code… and then the credit wasn’t issued to you…

Trying to bring up an issue with support and would like to know if it has happened to others… because all I got from customer service is “they didn’t use your code and it was issued to someone else… sorry for the confusion”… when you know for a fact it was your code… I text them my code and physically watched with my own two eyes… them click on the link (that I had copied straight from my referral page using the copy button… and then sent it via text) and order it right then and there. Not knowing (since it was my first referral) that I should have received an email stating that. I waited… it literally got shipped the next day… ordered one day… shipped the next… not knowing better I waited til she got the machine to ask… and now they say it got credited to any other user…

The other people I asked said it was an issue when you text the link… I’m not sure about that… but it seems that it happens alot

Just frustrated when this was my first referral and I basically got told… sorry for your bad luck… sucks for you… I have asked this question in a group where several people have said they have had some issues. Just wondering if this “advertise for us and get us sales” is Untrue. Don’t get me wrong I know they pay some referrals… but seriously glowforge? I worked hard for a small cut and you to make thousands… and I get screwed in the end. Sad part is that I have had my basic for a week… and was already given the okay to add the pro to our business. We were going to order it in two weeks. Looks like I will have to try out dremel instead of another glowforge.

Unfortunately, this is one of the things that your fellow customers can’t help with, since Glowforge hasn’t published the details of the referral program. It’s something that they will need to work out with you on an individual basis, and based on past actions, they won’t do it on the boards here. :slightly_smiling_face:

As soon as customer service sees your complaint, they’ll likely contact you directly via email to discuss it.

Thanks. I understand this won’t rectify the situation. What I was asking is if anyone had any issues in the past. The consensus from the other group is that there is an issue when texting the referral code. That’s why I am asking people here if they had issues… so hopefully when they respond to my 3rd email I sent (in which I am trying to take care of this individually) then I can say that hey… maybe it’s when you copy your link… or maybe the issues is when texting it… and maybe help prevent someone else going through this. I understand they won’t see this message or try to fix it here… I was looking for user experiences just to support theory!

Oh, okay…putting it in the Problems and Support area opens another ticket for it. (It’s the only category they monitor.) Do you want me to shift it to Everything Else so you can just gather other stories?

Oh please. I’m so sorry. I was unsure of where to post this… I am completely new to all of this… I Also want to thank you sooooo very much for all your help!! I greatly appreciate it!!


No problem at all. (Nobody new knows - there are a lot of categories.) :slightly_smiling_face:
Good luck!


Do you have multiple users on your GF account? Each one has it’s own Referral bonus link. I was using the one for my wife’s account by mistake, and she was getting emails about it.

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Can’t help with your question here as I have not gotten any referrals in that regard, however I’ve clicked my own in the past and it clearly stated my name on the landing page before ordering. Do you recall if you saw your name or someone else’s?

No I sure don’t. Wish that would have been the case… but I am the only user

Yes it even had my name. That’s why I don’t get why they say it was credited to someone else

Missed referrals hasn’t been much of a topic that I can recall. Folks have been very discrete about their fulfillment, although there have been enough folks who have mentioned that they have benefited from their use.

I’d say this is an unfortunate error. Would be interested in how their generation, use and fulfillment takes place. Seems that there are lots of opportunities for things to fail.

I’m curious about your own experience with using a Glowforge. If you are making a significant purchasing decision based on a glitch in a free benefit program, it seems that you don’t think that the Glowforgre laser really is worth the trouble.


I would wonder about wandering off the beaten path too much. Sometimes if you don’t go straight through with referral links, the website will forget you came in with a referral link. Seen it with Amazon at times.

Thanks… but watched with my own two eyes… it was done properly. BUT glowforge did get me my credit so I will close or delete this thread!

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I love my glowforge… and was hoping to purchase materials with the credit as I put a good chunk of my money in this machine… with a lower income than some, I was really looking forward to that. May not be “significant” to some… but to me it was. Thanks for the reply. As stated I just wanted what was promised… whether it’s a free program or not, it should be fulfilled if promised… in which glowforge has issued my credit finally. They stated they must have gone to someone else code before click on your code… in which in their guidelines it states last code that was visited… but luckily they got it issued. Again… may not always be “user error” and regardless if it’s a “free program” or not… it a company promised something… has it in writing, then they should have policy and procedure to follow and issue… not just sorry your out of luck.

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