Anyone engrave/etch on gorilla glass?

I’m wanting to do a design on a wireless charging pad. The top is made of gorilla glass and I’m not sure if I can etch or engrave on it. Has anyone attempted to use this material yet? I tried looking it up and it just says tempered glass is safe to use.

There is a few ways to make glass stronger. One is in the glass formula that is both expensive and very hard to work and the other is tempering where by cooling the outside very fast the inside cools later and puts really huge compression on the outside making it much stronger. This last has a weakness as if the forces are unbalanced, the glass shatters into tiny pieces. The glass top of the Glowforge is tempered while some of the Corning cooking ware is about chemistry.

Engraving the Corning style chemistry would not be much of an issue, but if the glass is tempered it would shatter. Even if the glass is just borosilicate, (like laboratory glass) it would be strong but might break with the variable heat load.

Looking into it I see Gorilla glass is chemically “tempered” so I would not be surprised if it shattered when that compression was unbalanced.


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