Anyone from UK get the email?

Hi guys, iv seen the forum blow up with excitement from getting the much anticipated email, but was wondering if any of my fellow brits have received an email. Just curious… and also jealous of everyone that has the email… (and no I haven’t been checking my emails every day every hour) ok this is a fat lie haha


The emails have only gone to a few US customers that ordered the basic model. Overseas customers won’t see them until domestic shipments are running smoothly.


Has GF actually confirmed that? Last I saw, they don’t divulge shipping or logistics info.


Dan has said that OS shipments will start after domestic ones start but not necessarily after domestic shipments are complete. So it doesn’t look promising to get one anytime soon despite being an early orderer. Also UK imports will technically need CE to get through customs. In practice I don’t think much gets stopped at the boarder as I have never had any problem importing things from China that would not pass CE.

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