Anyone got Techsoft 2D Design to talk to the Glowforge?

Hi Everyone,

So my Glowforge Pro has been delivered and is all up and running. I’ve used laser cutters for years, but my software of choice has always been Techsoft 2D Design. It is a superb package.

When I export a dxf from 2DDesign it will import into the glowforge post processing software, but it cannot read measurements and so makes every drawing massive. I’ve tried exporting and importing through illustrator, Inkscape and every other file type - but its fickle.

Has anyone managed to make this link yet? I’d appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks everyone

If you are exporting SVG files, you have to watch the export raster DPI. The settings for Inkscape and AI are known, and they are adjusted for in the GF software, but for uncommon design programs, I believe you need to make sure that you are exporting it at 96 DPI. (I think that’s the assumed input settings for unknown design programs.)

Or if you can, just save the file as a PDF, instead of an SVG. That locks in the DPI, and it will process at the correct size.


What @jules said, or if Techsoft 2D lets you create an art board make it 12" x 20" and the :glowforge: won’t adjust anything no matter your DPI.


Thanks - the problem is that Techsoft does not have an option to export svg or pdf. I can export DXF - but this file does not import properly. Such a shame as I have used this software for over 20 years.

Thanks @deirdrebeth I will try and change the drawing format to that size and see if that works.

So - I think I have a solution. Changing the size of the drawing did not work, however drawing a box 20in by 12in and then doing my drawing inside that box seemed to work. Then in the post processing Glowforge software all you need to do is delete the box and you are left with your correctly sized drawing.

I’ll do some cuts today and see if it worked. Thanks for your help everyone.


Oh no, I’m sorry you’ve hit a snag!

There are some excellent suggestions from @jules and @deirdrebeth above.

Would you let us know if your workaround yields a positive result?

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Does the software allow you to print a design? If so, a PDF printer driver (one is built into windows these days) may work? I haven’t tried that, but it’s possible.