Anyone gotten a warranty replacement glowforge lately?

Hello friends,

I am awaiting the email with tracking for what will be my second replacement unit this year and I am curious if anyone has received a replacement recently?

On 12/4 I got confirmation of my warranty replacement due to the “stuck on scanning/centering” issue many folks seem to have experienced. Support sent me my shipping labels on 12/5, but I have no word on when my replacement unit will ship. Up until today I was able to print once before having to power cycle in between prints. Now, I am totally dead in the water with a couple grand of holiday orders needing to be completed. I’ve emailed support a few times in the last few days and have gotten no reply.

Anyone received a replacement within the past couple of weeks?

Have you read all the emails very carefully to make sure they are not waiting to receive the defective unit, before they send the replacement?

The email I received (18 months ago) regarding warranty replacement stated their standard procedure is placing a hold on a credit card until the bad unit is received.

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Yes, they said they were going to make an exception and send a replacement once I confirmed I got the shipping labels. Which I did. Which is the same procedure they used for my replacement back in April, I was able to use my old one (worked, just had an alignment issue in one part of the bed) right up until the new one came.

You should look for the service emails on that and send an inquiry about the replacement unit tracking.

Yep, I’ve done that. No reply from them.

I got my fist GF Pro in May, had to send it back in September. Got my second GF Pro in September, now I have to send it back (12/12). Wondering how many lasers are going to die on me in one year.
The worst part is that we are using it in an education setting, as our sole laser, and so far - all the curriculum I’ve developed has gone virtually unused. Not to mention the constant problems along the way i.e. Lid Open, Calibrating, Homing, No Lights, etc… The list goes on.
Come on, GF, for the kind of money we spend, we shouldn’t be on a first name basis with the FEDEX guy who keeps having to pick up my lasers…

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That is unfortunate in an educational setting. Focusing on the Design aspects of using the laser might be a good stopgap.

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Most of the time is spent on development, design, etc… It’s unfortunate when students spend so much time being thoughtful in their designs, then I have to tell them that they can’t see them come to fruition because our laser isn’t working. The students are only getting half of the experience. They learn how to manipulate software but get no experience interfacing the hardware.


I apologize for the difficulty receiving a tracking number for your replacement order. Your replacement has shipped, and we followed up via email with tracking information. Please let us know when you receive our email, and I’ll close this thread.