Anyone had an luck with a Brian Law Clock pattern?

Inkscape was barfing on the dxf file, so I sent it into fusion, resaved it, and then tried again. it loads now, but the scale is WAY off on the to large size.

any ideas?

I believe DXF files are all unitless. Did you get any scaling options when you imported it into Inkscape?

Does it look like it’s off by about 25.4x?

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no options, and yes. :confused:

oh, wait. it does give me an option, and I said read from file. So what do you imagine that inkscape think it’s getting?

Sounds like it’s coming out of Fusion designed in mm and Inkscape is receiving it as inches. Open it in mm in Inkscape and it should show up the correct size.

Dxfs all have units; the errors happen when they are openned/imported into a program in the wrong units. Easy to fix though; just scale everything up or down by 25.4

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