Anyone have a spare black lid cable?

Does anyone have a spare black lid cable they would be willing to send today?

I have followed the official stuck on centering suggestions to no avail. I have turned off the Forge, computer, and modem and the restated with the modem, computer, and forge.

I cleaned the machine again even though I cleaned it 2 days ago.

I put the head to the back left to start and under the camera.

I held down the button and reset up. Is there anything else I can do?

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Lid cables are available in the shop if you just want to order one as a back up. Also, in case you missed any of these suggestions to try while you wait for Support to get back to you:

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Replacing the cable is not something you want to do, even if you had some sitting about unless support says yours is dead. getting the old one off can damage the pins and putting the new one on can cause the very problems that are the reason you are replacing the cable for or worse.

The adhesive that holds it is stronger than Gorilla Tape and bonds instantly to the first thing it touches, and of course the old one is well bonded. Those connections to the side have to point into the glass and be straight making both the in and out tricky. Mine had a bit of problem getting straight and the main run is a bit crooked, but I was as amazed as pleased that it actually worked on the third try.

Having one on hand even if you don’t need it yet is not a bad thing as breaking one is common enough. I ordered mine before support confirmed it was dead as soon as I knew it was likely for that reason.

Unfortunately, they are out of stock.

Put yourself on the list. I suspect they will be getting them as fast as possible and will run out quickly as well.

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I did, thank you.

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Is it an optical illusion or is the ribbon cable misaligned on the left side connector? That happens to be the connection that links to the lid camera, which would cause a centering issue.

Also looks like the connector is broken at the circuit board. A new lid cable means you have to play with that and maybe make it worse.


The left side is aligned. The back seems connected that piece is outside where it attaches. I don’t think it’s the issue.

Hello @danielleamorgan - I’m so sorry to hear you’ve run into this snag. I see you emailed in as well and I’ve since sent a response your way. Please keep an eye out for that email as I’ll be closing this topic so we can finish up there!

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