Anyone have an online business using their Glowforge?


Hello Glowforge community. I would love to shadow someone who is already in the e-commerce space using the glowforge. Please let me know! Thanks :100:


I do, but just started it. I haven’t exactly ‘arrived’, yet.


I don’t have a Glowforge yet but do have a website that I sell things on that I make with the CNC machine I purchased while waiting for the Glowforge.


I’m also working on starting an online business based primarily on the Glowforge, but I’m in the “just getting started” phase - had my forge for a little over a week :slight_smile:


Awesome :100: please let me know how that goes. Do you plan selling on Etsy?


Ohh ok I see, do you plan selling on the Etsy app?
Or just keep selling from your website?


Not specifically. I plan to do something a little more localized to this area.