Anyone have experience with 2 toned aluminium and how it does in a glowforge

At $2.00 each I bought them all and I can sell them “as is” for at least 3x as much, however, I would love to change the design. I am looking for people who have done something similar with photos before I even try… I have never put Metal in my machine … I’m a big baby about trying non PG items other than nice wood scraps from my brother in laws box and furniture building and non finished rolling pins. My main concern is it says nothing about being A]anodized. Your experiences would be helpful!

I think your first issue is going to be even getting it in your machine. They don’t list a size, but I’d bet they are bigger than the space you have, even with the tray removed

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Say they did fit, how would that material do I wonder?

Pretty sure you’re exactly right.

It says it fits a standard cup holder and holds 17oz. Which would make the base between 2.5 to 3" in diameter and it looks like it flares out slightly towards the top.

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The link says it is stainless steel. So it is most likely powder coated. It should laser fine but would most likely need a rotary bed add on to work in conjunction with the laser head movement.

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The Glowforge can fit material up to about 2" tall if you remove the crumb tray, but it can only focus within the first 1/2". If the base is 2.5 to 3" wide, it would not fit below the laser.

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How was your experience? Did you manage to engrave? … just bought these at Michaels and I’m also wondering if they are safe to go in the GF :sweat: