Anyone have setting for

Hey anyone have engrave setting for these…

or actually these ones


As you know, the Glowforge cannot engrave metal. These look like coated items which you will be able to remove the coating (paint) and expose what is underneath. Your best bet is to experiment. I would start with low power and high speed since it looks to me like they are pretty thinly painted.

Also, we can only discuss settings for non Proofgrade materials in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum so I will move this post.


Yea, I’m gonna try high speed different power setting. I’m thinking 1000/25 is gonna be the setting tho

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As a starting point, try the MacBook setting.


It’s pretty hard to mess up when removing paint from metal. You can’t hurt the metal. Experiment away.

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Were you able to etch these? If so what were your settings? A co-vendor pours soy candles, I love offering her options to help her design and promote her products.

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