Anyone have settings for "medium" chipboard? (.050" AKA "50 point")

I searched and saw many references to folks using it, but didn’t find any numbers. Anyone got a lead for me before I get started?

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I bought this stuff here: Amazon Chipboard and use the settings found within @jbmanning5’s post here:

The chipboard is supposed to be around the .05" but mine is slightly thicker at .06~". I have liked the results for cutting, but as for engraving, I haven’t tried it yet. I have only recently started using the chipboard, and specifically have only used it to make puzzles with. I’m sure someone can help with some settings regarding that, but trial and error always are gonna be your best friend! For cardstock I use speed: 675 and power: 2, that may be a good start if you’re looking at some light etching.


Thanks, I will investigate those posts.

I did make some progress but I am sure the settings can be optimized.

Are you cutting or engraving?

I have used some white chipboard ( which claims to be .08" but I found closer to .05". 1000/7/225 lpi for engraving draft photo quality bitmaps is working well for me.