Anyone having issues seeing the outlines for placement

Any chance that the outline when loading a new job to cut could be changed to maybe yellow or white? Many times I can hardly see the object to place against certain backgrounds.

One addition that would be awesome is a simple line tool. When using the pass through it would be nice to be able to draw a cut line across a panel so the laser would cut off the work that was just done. Then remove the job and push more product into the laser.


I made myself an svg file that just has a single line in it for exactly this purpose.


I have found it a good thing to use white tape or white paint on pins and magnets as with smoke stain, black crumb tray and black magnets it is pretty hard to see anything. a bright LED flashlight handy can make the surface brighter to see what you are doing with alignment easier. I saw somewhere where there were light crumb trays available at one time. and that would make a world of difference as well. :upside_down_face:

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JBV Yes, I do the same. Would prefer a simple line tool in the user interface.
rbt I still think it would be difficult to see on the computer screen. A simple solution is for GF to simply change the initial color or allow user selectable colors. I would also find it easier if when dropping a graphic in place to cut that it dropped where you place it and not in the top left corner.

All I’m suggesting is a couple of very simple things to implement that would make a big difference for ease of use.


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.

The ability to select your own color for engrave and cuts in the GFUI would be great. I have asked for it before and will ask for it again. There is just something about the colors that makes it hard to see. Especially the grey.

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