Anyone here do Embroidery?

My wife owns an apparel store and our embroidery provider is getting ready to retire. She wants to get into the business (me to learn embroidery…) so she can provide one stop service and reduce the wait time to delivery.

She’s looking at Ricoma machines specifically the MT-1502 Dual Head 15 needle.

Looking for suggestions from the diverse community of creators and artists that I have come to find in the forum.

Software is at least one version behind for Corel (X8) and Wilcom Deco Studio E3 Lite. And I have to learn them…

Suggestions? Thank You All!!!

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I’m a “home” embroiderer. My machine is a single needle … because I wanted one that could handle a lot of various decorative techniques, rather than just embroidery.

Will say the learning curve on embroidery software can be VERY steep. Over the years … there have been vast improvements in software … Doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to learn though.

Also, you must learn about stabilizers (used underneath) for various fabrics. Hooping techniques, etc., etc.

Due to lack of time, I’ve done more embroidery of purchased designs than ones I’ve created.

Not sure that helps any.


It helps, thanks! I tried telling my wife so, but she is on a mission :smile: We potentially corner the embroidery market in the territory. We only have two suppliers locally and the one is about to retire. Logos will be an issue as to the learning curve. I’ve been following the software for the past few years as I saw the direction I was headed, but I agree much more than inkscape, etc.

Some software has some “auto” features … But digitizers normally create stitch by stitch. Different underlying stitches needed for various embroideries, tie- on or tie-off placed wrong can leave a wonky appearance, etc., etc. it’s fun … But a learned art, for sure.


Bah. Just do it all by hand as counted cross-stitch. :crazy_face: