Anyone in the Houston area want to show their Glowforge

There was a post on the Glowforge User Group facebook page yesterday. A teacher in the Houston area wants to check out a Glowforge before he decides to spend the money for his classroom.

If you can help out, here is his Facebook page, and also the original post he made.


@jbmanning5 , I saw you offered to show yours…I offered as well for this weekend.

(I might be a bit closer, depending on which side of town he’s on.) :rofl:

Show me yours and… wait. :rofl: Saw that! You ready to be regional sales rep?


I think it went pretty well…it’s actually fun to show the machine to someone who’s genuinely enthusiastic about it. (I can see the draw of the MakerFaires!) :smile:

He’s done his homework, and he understands that it will be next summer before it’s ready, so we’re good to go… I think. :slightly_smiling_face: