Anyone interested in trying a file for me?

I haven’t received my Glowforge yet, but I wanted to get some templates made. I do other designs, but this is my first attempt at a layered scene. Would someone be interested in giving it a go and cutting the file? If you do, It is something I’d give you permission to sell (the art, not the file). This is a picture I took of the screen (not the best pic). Any takers?


I’d be interested in trying it, but I haven’t received my GF yet

I’d be happy to try for you. What material are you planning to use?

I would love to try it. How many layers and what material?

I’d be happy to try it depending on the size and what materials are you wanting us to use (whether I have them is the question!)

I’m interested, let me know what materials

Thanks everyone. Someone jumped on it and is giving it a go. Thanks, again!

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