Anyone know how long it usually takes to hear back from support?

I just received my machine about two weeks ago, and it is no longer firing. I have checked the mirror as noted in other posts and it is flawless, and reached out to support. That was yesterday. Does anyone know how long it usually takes to hear back, this is so dissapointing.

You should get an auto reply quite quickly. Getting someone to address your actual support ticket can take a few days, and they don’t work on weekends.

I assume you have tried to print the Gift of Good Measure on Proofgrade material using Proofgrade settings ? Support will ask you to do that and send photos along with the date and time of the print so they can access the machine logs and diagnose the problem.


I have in the past yes, but there is no way for me to do that now as it won’t do anything.

Have you used any spray to clean the machine? Did you check that the settings did not default to zero power, as they sometimes do? Can you post a photo of where the black ribbon at the back of the lid goes down into the machine?

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I love glowforge, but that is the area they lack in. If you’re going to market this to growing small businesses, you need to have support on the weekends. Small businesses work on the weekends. It always seems my machine wants to break on a Friday, you get one reply in 24 hrs, and then it’s sitting on your hands for two days. That doesn’t work when you have a growing queue of orders.

Please GF Support, please expand your support team and have a crew that works weekends.

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That is a common issue, and those who have that kind of business tend to have contingencies, most often a second Glowforge, or if the business is growing a lot they spring for the commercial machines that are ten times the cost but both more robust and demanding of the engineering skills that Glowforge does not demand.

Agreed, I have a second machine. Unfortunately the one that always breaks is the Plus (which can handle cutting the harder wood types I work with). Good old Basic Bess stays alive :joy::+1:

I wish they’d think about offering a Level Up/Upgrade program. I’d upgrade my basic machine to a plus, if there was an incentive (lower price) to do so.


When I got the pro a number of years ago now I figured I would spend a lot more time wishing I had purchased that if I did not than wishing I had not if I did.

In that case, I was correct.


No, I haven’t used any spray to clean it, I did wipe it down with a lint free cloth and have checked all the ribbon cable connections. Settings were correct and the only material used in the machine has been PG materials, nothing else.

Edit for clarification: When I wiped it down I did not wipe down the mirror or the lens with the cloth, only the glass.

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More than a few folk have sprayed the bottom side of the lid to clean it and had the liquid sneak down that black ribbon and release all the magic smoke, so just checking…
:roll_eyes: :frowning_with_open_mouth:

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Totally understand that! I appreciate you checking.

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