Anyone know how to make these

Not sure I understand the question. It looks like script text welded to a rectangular frame. This can be done in Inkscape, Illustrator, Affinity Designer, etc.


What type of wood? How do you get it to cut out on the glowforge?

I’m going to move this topic to “everything else” as it appears you are asking for information and not actually posting something you have made.


I’d like to move it to “open ended question that can’t be answered for someone who has a lot of reading ahead of them”, but there’s not a category for that :wink:

If you’re asking how to make this, you probably have a lot of intermediate things to learn first. We all get your excitement and wanting to jump right in, but there are a lot of things that you aren’t asking and almost certainly will. Like what font should I use, how big should it be, what settings should I use, etc etc. You’re essentially requesting one of us to sit down and walk you through a project, which is a lot to ask. Maybe someone will take you up on it and help you get there, but it would be quite generous of them.

The best I can offer you is that I recommend that you start smaller and work up to it. Here’s a bunch of links about how to get started.

Once you read all of that and do some experimental cuts, I bet a lot of your questions will be answered, especially the ones you don’t even know to ask yet. The good news is that this is among the simplest types of projects – and can be done quickly and easily – once you get your head around the basics. Have fun and enjoy the learning process, it will pay you back.


The Proofgrade draft board would be great for this. You can paint it.

What design program do you use?

In Inkscape it is fairly simple. Give us something to work with and we can help more.


This is a situation where if you have to ask you really aren’t ready yet. Start with the gift of good measure and learn a little inkscape or equivalent and you will see this is easy peasy.


BTW, no one is trying to be mean in saying “if you have to ask” that is just the reality.

Do several simple projects in your software of choice and then this will be simple. It is nothing more than welding letters together and placing for it to cut as negative space.

As for wood, any of the :proofgrade: will work great or you could do baltic birch and paint it.


Here are lots of examples of this type of design.

Make Text you want and using boolean operations join them together so it is one compound path object. There are tricks depending on what design program you use.

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