Anyone know of a good water buffalo leather source?

Looking for veg tan water buffalo leather… just starting to look around, but thought maybe someone’s got a scoop to share?


Sorry, have found bison leather at my local store (MacPherson’s in Seattle)–as well as their Portland “sister” store, or the sites I use. But haven’t come across water buffalo. Google/search will be your best friend here.

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Google isn’t being my friend right now, sadly. Luckily I am not in a hurry, so I’ll keep looking for a while. has a big site, and eBay has some good leather shops–but did just google, and comes up near the top–but it’s already dyed, and quite a bit thicker the the GF PG version of “thick”. (If you are after natural/unfinished leather, that’s one thing, but I’ve etched w/ chrome tanned leathers OK).


Bison hide covered the most luxurious custom built sofa I ever touched, and I delivered custom furniture for 30 years.
I snagged some good sized scraps of it. I love that stuff. I know nothing about how it is prepared, but it’s so thick and soft.


Maverick carries a lot of unusual leathers, but not sure about Water Buffalo. They might be a good starting point though.

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