Anyone loose snapmarks after replacing print head

I have spent years developing files and jigs to use with snapmarks and we excited when I became a beta tester as I absolutely loved the feature. One day my Glowforge stopped working and I reached out to technical support and provided pictures of my print head. They told me I needed a new print head which I purchased and I sent the old one back to Glowforge. After reinstalling the new print head I discovered that my snapmarks did not work, the error stated they did not match. I remade several jigs from an existing files and no matter what I did I could not get them to align with the snapmarks. I would say that 80% of the products I make use snapmarks and they all could be easily reproduced over and over very quickly without fail. After contacting technical support they advised me Glowforge no longer supports snapmarks but for me to recalibrate my camera and print head. I have done this repeatedly and they still do not work. Glowforge assured me that the feature was not turned off. Anyone else have this issue and if so were you able to ever get them back?

I have no direct experience.

Can you try making a new jig from a new file? Maybe it’s the relationship that’s broken rather than the possibility?


I was always machine-specific but perhaps that applies more to the head than the machine itself?

I lost them when I got my replacement machine, my original machine is still listed in the app and the snapmark option shows up when I select it, but of course that machine is gone now and when I select my new machine, the option does not appear.


I’ve never even HAD snapmarks (but I’ve always WANTED them…)


Wouldn’t know. I wanted them and never got them. I hope you get yours back though. It seems to be a boon and seemingly fulfilled a promise from the Kickstarter.

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