Anyone near chicago want to buy my glowforge basic?

Looking to sell my glowforge basic no airfilter. less than a dozen laser on hours. If you are near chicago / northern IL I can even drive it to you. shipping is possible because I saved all the foam inserts but will be costly.

Make me an offer.


Why are you selling?

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A few reasons.
1 I don’t have a lot of time to futz around with this thing unlike when I originally purchased two years ago.
2 I’m not really a fan of the web interface.
3 only a minor issue but it seems like it only reads the qr codes sometimes if the code is in the middle and not on the outside edge of what’s visible to the camera
4 I’ve don’t really have as much use for it as I thought. I’ve made a few pieces and it compliments my 3d printer well, but for the small volume I’m going to do I’m probably better off just occasionally buying laser cut parts.




haha! umm uh reserve price not met :wink:


Price is right rules? :smiley:

Okay, okay. $1000.
But you throw in the airfare or a Bulls game.


$1001. I’m local and have no interest in Bulls games, so you save on a couple things.



i have an offer on craigslist for 1500 but you know how often that falls through. I’m going to wait another day or two and see what offers stay and which ones don’t pan out before I end the bidding.

$1,100.00 COLD HARD CASH READY - Yes, it’s a complete sentence GF

Wow - if you were in SoCal I bet you could get close to what you paid for it in a matter of hours.


The guy on craigs list is offering me an xcarve + some cash. I’m hoping that goes through

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xcarve was on my list of wants but we don’t have the space for it

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well let me know what happens. Im interested

he’s offered me 1250 + an xcarve 500x500. i’m going to try to get him to come up on the cash a bit and in exchange i’m offering to throw in a lot of materials


I had an XCarve - there’s a reason he’s trying to trade it for a laser. If you don’t have time for the laser, you absolutely won’t have time for the XCarve. The GF takes zero futzing. The XCarve (for me, at least) was seemingly endless. (broken bits, homing issues, belt issues, random connectivity issues, etc) I’ve made more use out of GF & had more successful projects out of it in the 2 weeks I’ve had it than in the 16 months I suffered through that dumb CNC.


I’ve had to futz a lot with my GF. A lot. honestly i’m going to replace the guts of the xcarve with a smoothie based board and some gecko drivers

or i might just flip the xcarve too. he just didnt have a lot of cash so I worked with him

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I can say the same. CNC machines take a LOT more work than the GF. I always go to the GF before the CNC. You have to be very diligent to keep an x-carve running.