Anyone order May 4, and not received?

I’m frustrated. :pensive: Did anyone order May 4th and has not received their Basic (and it’s also not showing up in Fedex) ? A batch of orders were messed up, including mine. We were refunded shipping, and were sent messages saying it would be “dispatched later in the week.” That was last week and wasn’t sent. I think I’m the only one who has not received it, and their customer service isn’t really giving me any info. I’m frustrated. I have work and appointments I keep shuffling around to make sure I’m home, and their emails don’t say much. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: My best friend ordered the same day and recived hers, and 2 other friends ordered 2 & 3 weeks ago, and have already have theirs. The customer service is just giving me the run around.

Frustrating for sure! Welcome to the community. By posting here in Problems and Support, you have opened a ticket with them and they will respond as soon as possible…usually within 3 days. I know its hard to do, but hang in there and they will get everything sorted out for you.

I appreciate it, thanks! My email stated “your GF will be on it’s way to you this week.” That was last week, so I wasn’t sure what was going on. We have to be home for the delivery, so I keep shuffling around my appointments and work stuff. Accidents happen, which I totally understand. I just wish they could say it will be shipping out this date etc. so, I can plan for it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’m retired…but, sure haven’t forgotten what it’s like to go to work everyday and try shuffle your time around to facilitate the rest of your life. Best of luck to you!

I appreciate it! Thanks. I have work, 2 small kids, my husband is an essential worker at a hospital… and I had breast cancer. This week I have all my Oncology labs, and appointments. So, I keep trying to get it all organized and make sure I’m also home when it gets delivered. It’s difficult.


I’m so sorry for the issue with your shipment! I’ve just replied to your email and this thread seems to have quieted, so I’m going to close it.