Anyone play Pandemic Legacy?

… because we decided to destroy a card in a creative way:

Technically I suppose this isn’t “making” anything with a glowforge…


Is this the card game version of pandemic 2, in which Madagascar never dies, unless you kill it first? Because I’m only a little ashamed to admit my roommate and I pulled more all nighters playing that game than studying for some classes.

If so, I think I need a new card game in my life.

No, this is Pandemic Legacy Season 1:

If you’re not familiar with the board game Pandemic, it’s a game where you’re trying to stop the spread of diseases, not be the disease like the video game.

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Plague, Inc.

It’s also a board game. I own it.

Too fun!

This is Matt Leacock, co-author of the Pandemic Legacy series and happy Glowforge owner. I thought I’d share that the Pandemic Legacy: Season 3 prototypes all get cut on a Glowforge too! (Perhaps after the product comes out, I’ll share some videos of my own…)


I want to like this comment more. We’re neck deep in Season 1 with good friends and loving it. It’s a great kick in the butt to meet up regularly, a chance for them to get some adult time and a lot of fun. I doff my hat, sir!