Anyone teaching GF lessons in Hartford/CT area please?

Looking for a lesson(s) for new GF, Ellington CT area, have been using but need further assist and pay for teacher, ty

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You know how you learn best, of course, but if you have a specific thing you’re trying to figure out you might be surprised how willing people are to give you direct instruction right here.

All you need to do is describe your issue and chances are someone will chime in with a solution, it’s a really giving community that way.

Sometimes in-person or phone lessons are what someone needs, maybe you’re at that point, I’m just saying that if it’s urgent and you’re not having any luck with finding a local teacher you might try asking on the forum.


You’re in the right place, and a lot of us started where you are now. The fundamentals are really a lot easier than it might seem at first.

Don’t be afraid to ask your questions, that’s what this place is for. :smiley:


Yeah and there are many cases where the forum isn’t practical, I understand that it’s not for everyone. There are lots of potential reasons why not, typing may be physically difficult for some people, visual impairment might make reading on screens difficult, maybe someone feels like a better communicator face-to-face for whatever reason, etc. In no way am I trying to pressure @domain630 here, I’m just offering up a solution in case a teacher isn’t easy to find. Either way, we all hope you get what you need, @domain630 :slight_smile:


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