Anyone tried engraving soap yet?

Looking for any idea for settings for engraving in soap. I saw an old post but was wondering if anyone had tried it recently.

Was this the one you referred to? While this post is older, it is as good a starting point that you are going to get. The settings as a baseline haven’t changed. Speed of engraving has increased so that adds some more variables.

Soap as a material would be highly variable. That means that the best way to figure it out really is to start testing at high speed and lowest power. Lower LPI too.

As Chef John says, “You after all, are the Story Musgrave of your soap engrave.”


I would also be looking to make a soap press, that would make many bars of soap with a single press and you engrave the faces of a maple press face.


If I’m being honest I don’t know what it means by pews and zooms. I’m new to the engraving world so I need speed and power talk :slight_smile:


Pews are the power, and zooms are the speed. The numbers are secret in terms of real speeds or percentages so those were adopted.


Super newbie here- but what if you froze the soap before engraving?

There’s one way to find out…

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