Anyone tried this kind of sandpaper?




Sigh! I’ll let you know. :roll_eyes:


Yes, for painting and wood. 220. I like them very much!


I love this stuff! It seems expensive but it lasts so much longer than paper sandpaper that it is as cheap or cheaper to use than paper backed.

Where it really shines is working on “organic” shapes in solid wood. It can be pulled around like a buffing rag or pushed into little nooks and creviceses.


I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist :slight_smile:


This stuff is the bomb! Pricey, but it sands contours like nothing else! When it clogs, you can just roll a fold through it and most of the clogged gunk comes out. I bought some rolls of it cheap at Lowes on clearance. I wish they had a 400 grit.


That stuff looks awesome!!!


I got some at the beginning of the year for sanding GF items. It works greater because it does not crack or rip when you wrap it around surfaces


I need some of this in my tool box.


I will try it.